Be part of the making of “Pierrette’s Story”. Click on this link  to see how you can be involved with the upcoming documentary about Chez Pierre’s Matriarch and her amazing life.  From war torn France to becoming a successful restaurateur in upstate NY.  You can attend the premiere or just share the information with others.  Thank you…
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Choice of soup du jour or House Salad; Entrée Choices:***FRENCH CLASSIC COQ AU VIN (quartered chicken in red wine sauce with carrots, mushrooms and peas;served w/rice pilaf),  *** BAKED SALMON WITH DIJON, HONEY & THYME GLAZE  and ***chef selected **NIGHTLY WILD CARD selection; includes choice of nightly dessert selections!

Summer is quickly approaching

Summer is quickly approaching… Officially! Here at the Chez we are prepping for some great summer events! Of course first up- Father’s Day! Now I have always been partial to Mother’s Day, but we do need to acknowledge all those dads out there! So I say…let’s give ’em crabs!! Hmmm…that didn’t come out quite right….
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