Summer is quickly approaching

Summer is quickly approaching… Officially! Here at the Chez we are prepping for some great summer events! Of course first up- Father’s Day! Now I have always been partial to Mother’s Day, but we do need to acknowledge all those dads out there! So I say…let’s give ’em crabs!! Hmmm…that didn’t come out quite right. Moving on!

On Father’s Day, Crab Fest continues…with 3 great crab entrees to choose from: Fresh Soft Shell, Maryland Lump Crab Cakes or Crab meat Dewey (this is a recipe we pulled out of the archives and has been very popular).  Full course dinner includes soup or salad and dessert! As always, some quantities may be limited. (FYI- the goal is to continue Crab Fest through 4th of July weekend. Hey- my philosophy is… If you find a good promo…milk it for all its worth!) But wait- there’s more…also on Father’s Day (I think we’re going above and beyond this year for this holiday?!?) A Raw Bar, featuring oysters and clams for $1 a piece and Shrimp for $3 a piece…don’t go anywhere, I’m still not done….and a make your own sundae bar for $5! WOW- now that’s acknowledgement! To enjoy all these festivities we will be serving from 3-9pm on Father’s Day!!

Due to a scheduling conflict… This month’s Prime Rib Friday will actually be Prime Rib SATURDAY on June 27th!

This year’s Bastille day celebration will take place on Tuesday, July 14th. Space is filling up quickly, so call and reserve your table soon!

So much information, so little time. The Good news is, the July CPNL is only a few weeks away. I can hear all the sighs of relief. Until- take care;

Pia and the family & staff at Chez Pierre